foraminifera and sea urchin

Sand, foraminifera and sea urchins of the genus calcarina

Connaissez-vous le village de ODLOT ?

Une grande majorité d’entre vous me répondra non et moi également.

The Philippines.

One day I send a mail to a friend in Nice and she responds Odlot. My traveler was there in his little paradise.

Odlot Odlot

On his return to France, she had brought some bags of sand in his luggage. My surprise was great to see one of them such a density of foraminifera.

View image, it is not retouched.

sable et foraminifères de Odlot
sable et de foraminifères Up

There were also sea urchins all flat and hairy.

Oursin de Odlot
Oursin de Up,pl

(Subject, they may be Clypeaster reticulatus.)

This is turning one of these urchins that I realized "he was going to eat my foraminifera" . The rascal was unforgivable. I photographed in the act. We do not eat “Calcarine”.

oursin et foraminifères
foraminifera and sea urchin
oursin et foraminifères
foraminifera and sea urchin

also photographed, look at other kinds of foraminifera Calcarina, objects of the offense.

oursin et foraminifères
urchin and foraminifera Calcarina kind of Odlot
foraminifères de Odlot
Foraminiferal Odlot. Bernard Remaud
magnifique Calcarina
beautiful Calcarina. Bernard Remaud