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 Listed on demand.

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Photo d’un sable très rare de NAMIBIE harvested in the desert in the Sandwich Harbor area. Enlargement without any possible edge. Prix, taille et qualité à votre choix sans problème jusqu’à 1,5o mètre, me contacter.



Photo d’un sable des Açores. Ile de Faïal


Agrandissement d’un sable d’Islande. Plage de Budir


Agrandissement d’un sable au sud de la Libye. Volcan Namus


Photo of a sandy Hawaii. Green sand beach sur big island.


Tirage en 60×80 d’une photo d’un sable du Rayol canadel en France


Photo d’un sable de la plage de KUKUP à Java en indonésie.


Pour un agrandissement important nous proposons aussi ce montage en tirage sur dibond.   Contact me for any information I am at your disposal.Bernard Remaud.


sands and foraminifera exhibition in June 2016.

It is at the Hyères International Festival of the underwater world and maritime heritage I could expose my collection of sand and my pictures of foraminifera. I thank the organizers and especially Dominique Barray director of this exhibition and Nicolas Barraqué editor of the magazine DIVE.

The festival took place on 10, 11 and 12 June 2016 and its success opens a secure future for the years beginning with the 1, 2, 3 and 4 June 2017.

Listed -after a link that will let you see pictures in sand and a small video made by my friend Jack.